The Nebula Throne

Far, far away, in another galaxy...

The Grand Emperor Proxus XXII rules the Queelon Nebula from Throne, the planet in the center of the star cluster. His fleet is the backbone of his power. Or so he thinks.

If you want to read more about the history of the Queelon Nebula, look here.

The reality is much more ambiguous. The Lords - each ruling a planet in the name of the Grand Emperor - are scheming and plotting for the succession (or the overthrowing) of old Proxus. You are one of them. Build successful fleets, conquer imperial planets, which are not sufficiently defended, and arm yourself for the final assault on the Nebula Throne.

See screenshot.

What is this game about?

TNT - The Nebula Throne - is a turn-based strategy game in space. It is simple and will be playable per e-mail in the future (now it is a normal computer game).

In the beginning about fifteen players (Lords) are ruling one planet each. Several more planets are ruled by the Empire, but the Empire is weak, so weak... Your aim is to conquer as much planets as possible, to blast your opponents to oblivion and finally to subjugate Throne, the central and heavily defended planet of the Grand Emperor. If you accomplish this final task, you are worthy to become the successor and thus Proxus XXIII yourself.

In every turn you have to do basically four things:

o move ships around,
o decide about the planetary productions,
o buy technology levels for your TP,
o consider whom to cheat today (aka: diplomacy).

It's as easy as that!


If you want to help me to make TNT as perfect as possible, please write your comments and your bug reports to me.