Monument rules

Rules overview Looting monuments

Monuments are remains of earlier orc leaders. They contain treasures of various kinds, but they are guarded by keymasters. Keymasters are demons with numerous tentacles, who will stubbornly attack each and every one trying to recover the treasures of a monument.

To gain access to a monument's treasures, you have to defeat the keymaster first. To do this, you have to appear in the monument area with an army of a certain size. Only soldiers count, mercenaries do not. Additionally a certain minimum army strength factor is necessary. Only when these minimum requirements are met your soldiers can be convinced to attack the demon at all. The army intending to loot a monument may also come from a keep; supporters don't count. It has to conduct a siege campaign or a raid in the target area. The actual quantity and quality of the army needed is a matter of trial and error (you will learn the exact numbers with the first try). It depends on the size of the monument. With each successful looting, the treasures found will be more valuable, but the army needed has to be better each time.

When the fight against the keymaster is started at all, your chances are good but a victory is not sure. In any case many of your soldiers will loose their lives. If you are victorious, you gain one of the monument's treasures. And you are the conqueror of the monument. This gives you some additional random events and other useful things. As soon as another tribe successfully loots the monument, this status passes to the new conqueror.

If you control an area with a monument, production of all production sites in this area doubles.

Do you know a password for a monument? In this case you are presumably the creator of this monument in a previous game of Ork. If so, you can use the following command:

MP <area> <password>

The password may consist of letters only; upper- or lowercase does not matter. <area> is the number of the area containing the monument you seek access to. If you specify the password correctly, you will only need half the soldiers, and these only need half the quality (army strength factor) of the soldiers of an ignorant tribe.

Example: MP 13 Groniak

Erecting monuments

MM <varied parameters> [1]

This command allows you to erect a monument, a huge, resource-hungry construction which will outlast your stay in this world. This means that monuments may re-appear in later games. Every constructed monument will be saved in a central file of the gamemaster and has a certain chance to show up again in another game. If the original builder of the monument also plays in this new game, and is lucky enough to remember the password for the monument, he will enjoy certain advantages when using it.

The MM command becomes available as soon as you meet certain conditions (B products, 100000 goldears and 1500 peasants).

The MM command has a parameter list consisting of pairs. The first parameter of a pair describes the kind of parameter and the second describes the value. The order of the pairs is irrelevant. The following pairs are possible:

A <type>: The type of monument. See below for the possible types.

P <password>: The password for the monument. Only letters are allowed, no numbers or special characters. The password is needed for future games in order to enter or conquer the monument without risk.

<product code> <amount>: For the monument, <amount> units of the product with product code <product code> are used. The product code 0 is used for gold.

B <amount>: For the monument, <amount> peasants are used.

The products and peasants are consumed in the process. The MM command is processed only if you possess the products and peasants stated. While in other cases, with other commands, the parameters would be modified automatically, in this case the whole command will be cancelled if the amounts stated cannot be met.

For a monument, materials from five different categories are needed: gold, peasants, raw materials, fine materials, and extra materials.

Categories "gold" and "peasants":

Noproductpoints per unit
0goldears (1000 each)0.1
Bpeasants (100 each)1.25

For raw materials, the following products may be used:

Noproductpoints per unit

For fine materials, the following products may be used:

Noproductpoints per unit

For extra materials, the following products may be used:

Noproductpoints per unit

The following types of monuments can be built:
2.magic castle
7.steel fortress
8.steel tower
9.giant totem

The value of a monument is calculated as follows:

For every product category, a point score is calculated as the sum of the quantity of the used materials multiplied by the value in the "points per unit" column. The value in every category will always be at least 1. The total value of the monument will be the fifth root of the product of these five values, multiplied by 20.

Only one player may erect a monument each year. If more than one player try to do this, only the most valuable monument will be constructed; the other MM commands will be ignored (the materials are not used up in this case). If a monument has already been built, only monuments with a higher score can be erected thereafter. All MM commands violating this rule will be ignored either. If a player has constructed more than one monument in the course of one game, only the most valuable will be stored.

Example: In the year 8, a pyramid was erected already with a score of 243. In the following years, only monuments with higher scores may be constructed.

The minimum score for a monument is 100.

Example for a monument command:

MM A 3 B 500 0 100000 1 2000 2 1000 5 50 11 10 P Olmichel

Erect a type 3 monument (a a palace). Use 500 peasants, 100000 goldears, 2000 units of wood, 1000 units of stone, 50 diamonds, and 10 units of expensium.

The password for the monument is to be "Olmichel". Such a monument would have a value of 247.

Every monument has a table attached which can be inscripted by the builder. The inscription cannot be longer than 128 characters. Use the meta command "#MONUTAFEL" for the inscription: "#MONUTAFEL <player no> <text> <password>".


#MONUTAFEL 13 He who reads this shall rot, and also all his descendants into the seventh generation Huedel

Notice: The password for the monument may (and should) be different from the player password for the meta commands (like #BEF).

At any time, only the creator of the most valuable monument in one game may engrave a text into a monument table.

The MM command is processed after tribal improvements. The "#MONUTAFEL" meta command is processed after erecting monuments. This means if you erect a monument, you may add an inscription in the same year - unless another player has built a more valuable monument in the same year.

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