Quite early in the game a dungeon in the Foreland will be discovered. This Dungeon consists of rooms and connecting paths. Your heroes can detect monsters and treasures and solve quests and meet other special features there. A new command is available for this:

HQ <HeroNo> <0 to 10 subcommands>

The HQ command can be submitted once per year.

The HQ command with the hero number only, places the hero <HeroNo> in the entrance cave. This cave is empty. In every cave (in the entrance cave, too, of course) the directly adjacent caves, and what is inside, are visible.


HQ 3

The third hero starts his quest in the entrance cave.

The HQ command with subcommands moves the hero within the cave system and determines how the hero is to react in certain situations. A HQ command may have up to 10 subcommands. Subcommands are, similar to the subcommands of the HD command, pairs of one letter and a parameter. The two possible subcommands are:

G <direction>

A <answer>

The HQ command with a "G" subcommand moves the hero to an adjacent cave. <direction> is one of the letters N, E, S, or W, representing North, East, South, or West. Movement starts in the cave the hero ended his move in the last year (if he already was on a quest then - otherwise, in the entrance cave).


HQ 3 G N

Move the hero to the adjacent cave in the north.

Several direction letters may be written in series. This counts as one subcommand only. Example:


Go north, once more north, and then west.

The HQ command with an "A" subcommand answers a riddle, a question, or another task. How to use this command is explained in the course of the quest. Submitting this subcommand without being asked to is useless. Two consecutive A subcommands are not allowed.

The subcommands of the HQ command are processed from left to right. The processing is terminated when one of the following situations arises:

1. The hero dies.

2. The hero flees.

3. Movement is not possible.

4. The same cave was entered before in this year (including the starting cave. Moving back and forth, or circular, is not possible!).

5. An A subcommand is followed by another A subcommand.

If a hero moves into a cave with a monster, in most cases he will fight following the usual rules and with the usual consequences. In a few cases, however, the hero will receive a mission instead which he has to complete. For defeating a monster, normally he will receive a treasure as reward, but not always. In addition to the usual treasures, other interesting things might be found in the system of caves.

There are particular items like keys etc. which are used in the cave system itself. These "quest items" are allocated to the player. That means if a hero is replaced by another (e.g. when the first hero dies), the quest items remain with the player.

It might be unwise to undertake too much in one year. The more monsters a hero fights in one year (or the more missions he completes), the poorer the rewards will be. Walking through empty caves (depicted as "o" in the map), however, does not affect the quality of the rewards.

Heroes busy with a quest cannot support campaigns, scout, or duel (either as attacker or defender, in tournament or elsewhere), or fight monsters in other areas. In other words: the subcommands "E", "D", "T", "S", and "H" to the HD command may not be submitted. The hero support status is set to "0" (no hero support for the army) automatically.

Heroes busy with a quest may, however, equip or unequip treasures, distribute their bonus points to their attributes and everything else not prohibited in the paragraph above. That means that for the same hero it is allowed, and might be useful, to submit an HQ as well as an HD command in the same year.


HQ 3 G NW A 1
HD 3 A 2310 F 7 XA 2
The HQ command moves the hero in the system of caves and determines his actions. The HD command equips the hero with a treasure, sets his escape limit and improves the A attribute.

Heroes busy with a quest may experience random events. This is because they do not stay in the caves all year, they just sneak out of the hero's more unpleasant duties.

A hero not receiving an HQ command will return from the quest automatically in the beginning of the year. Any pending missions are aborted. He is available for other heroic activities immediately.

If you submit an HQ command for one hero in one year and for another hero in the next year, the "old" hero returns, and the "new" hero starts his quest in the entrance cave again.

Even if heroes of different players explore the same cave in the same year, they will not meet. Within a complete year the chance of meeting each other are neglectible.

HQ command example:

The third hero moves north, north, and west, and in this cave submits the answer "1" (this will only make sense if this cave and its content are known already, of course), then he moves west and north. This HQ command consists of 3 subcommands (not six as could be supposed).

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