Rules for Clan-Ork

Rules overview

a) The players will be divided into clans, which consist of e.g. four players each. The gamemaster assigns the players to the clans. The players may voice their wishes. The members of the clans receive each others adresses and telephone numbers (as far as they are known) automatically.

b) The clans will be broken up, as soon as one clan controls three quarters of all areas or if three quarters of the remaining human players are from one and the same clan. When calculating the ratio of the areas only those areas are taken into account which are not water areas or tribal areas. Only areas that are controlled by free clan members count for the clan.

For all the players that are not members of this one clan the game is over and bit-orcs take control of their tribes.

c) As long as the clans exist the following rules apply:

(1) Armies that belong to the same clan can not lay siege to another or raid each other. Keeps of clanmembers can not be besieged, either. Exception: if there are no defenders in the main castle or in the keeps, sieges can be made.

(2) The victory conditions do not apply to players whose clan has at least one member in addition to themselves. A player can not be victorious as long as the player's clan still exists. The player can be victorious, though, if he has become a lone fighter and the reason for that being e.g. that some of the other clans had their hands in it.

(3) Outposts do not ambush armies from clan-brethren but they do not help with the supply, either.

There are no further restrictions; especially aggressive spells or actions undertaken with the dragon are always welcome and appreciated.

Rules overview